Our Services

[+] 10% Discount on medicines | 2% discount on cosmetics.

[+] And many more packages are also available.

[+] We provide product delivery Facilities at your door step.

[+] We also order the medicine or products on customer's demand as well,
     those medicines which are not available in Bhiwadi.

The vast pharmacy network enables us to provide medicine support to our customers, even when they are on move for their treatments. Our extensive range of pharmacy and healthcare products and services help keep you healthy at all times. Our prescription reminder service makes it easier to manage your repeat prescriptions. It is a convenient way for you saving your time, and is simple to arrange your medicines.. Our mission at Aarx Pharmacy is a "PROMISE BEYOND PRESCRIPTIONS". We make people well and help them stay well in your wellness lies our happiness and success.


Aarx Health Care

A unit of Aarx Pharmacy to serve best health care services and support in our area and around. We belive in our moto :
"Where Care Comes First".
Tel: 01493 - 230106,
Mob: 8094444988


Arora Medicos

A unit of Aarx Pharmacy having all types of drug/medicines and medical and health care cum cosmetics products
at Medicos store.
Tel: 01493 - 222406,
Mob: 8058555006


Aarx Clinic &
Path Lab

A unit of Aarx Pharmacy is having latest test lab equipments and certified doctors to check and provide best health care treatment to the patient in the Aarx clinic.
Tel: 01493 - 515066
(Clinic & Path Lab),
Mob: 08094620777 (Clinic),
08875867663 (Path Lab),
08875660777 (Clinic & Path Lab)